Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who Planned This Party?

Note to self: OK, the weather for the craft show was lousy. Great weather Friday, really good weather Sunday and Saturday, the day of your craft fair, Freaky snow storm.

Stop blaming yourself. People showed up. Just not the number that would have showed up if we had bad weather the day before. That's right. If folks weren't spoiled by the 60 degree weather the day before, if it had been a regular cold day, they would have come out. But the really bad day after the really good day caused a village wide funk.

You know this.

You know, it's the ultimate control freak that thinks they can control the weather. And how many storms did the weather folks say were coming our way that actually missed us? You didn't know.

You've done the right thing: you're contacting those folks and telling them the next show is on you. They get to come to the April show free of charge. It's great gesture and not one you really have to make. But it is the right thing to do. Now, you also have to go out and find some new vendors and you need to focus your energies on those things you can do and let go of that one thing you could not: control the weather.

You know you don't like pity parties. You don't like surprise pity parties, either. Time to leave this party. It's not serving you well. You have a great venue, and wonderful support. You're not going to invite them to this pity party so you have to party alone - and what fun is that? Pity isn't really pity unless someone is there to call you pitiful; - is that what you really want?

So go out and do what you do better - get right back on that horse and show defeat that you ain't the field he can plant in. Get going on that next show and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

That a girl.

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