Monday, March 8, 2010

No Excuses

I can't even begin to justify it - but I can explain what happened.
I was in a meeting at church and I came out of the meeting feeling somewhat stressed. I felt stressed because..well, never mind, suffice it to say I left feeling more tense than I should have. I needed to relax and I had the knitting bag Mr. Honey gave me for Christmas and I was near the street where the shop is where he bought it.

And I needed to relax...I know I said it before - I really did.

Then I remembered the $20 gift certificate I got from the store and I said to myself: 'Self, you can blow that one something. Maybe a nice set of Addi Turbo because if there's one thing you need to do is knit faster.'

So, the car, with me in it, headed over to Chix With Stix and I walked in and walked to the back of the store where they keep the needles..and I saw it:
It was in the clearance bin - 40% off Noro Kureyon. I know what you're saying, that was a nice little find those 3 skeins. And you're right those 3 were a nice little find..

along with the their 9 other brothers and's the Duggar family of yarn. It's Octoyarn plus 4.

Two different color lots, but they would blend very nicely together. 100% wool but soft as anything and the colors are rich and lovely. Think of the scarves and shawls that could come of it. I am.

And all that loveliness cost $40 and I relax just looking at it.

But I do know that wasn't the way to deal with a stressful situation nor does it move me closer to my goal and does move me further from my resolve. That's a bad thing. I have faltered but if I want to make something good of it (outside of whatever I make with the yarn) it's that it was a planned falter and not an impulsive one. So, it more like one step back instead of two. So there is that - though it is no excuse nor am I pretending it is one. I need to do better.

But the yarn is sooo pretty!


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