Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Invasion

I can't even tell you when it happened..but it has and I don't quite know what to feel about it.
Remember me? I was the acrylic yarn queen. You couldn't get me into a LYS without me making fun that LYS actually stood for something - something snooty. Local Yarn Shop? I never went into a local yarn store unless I was there to look. Expensive. That's what they were; bloody expensive and they turned their nose up at acrylic yarn unless it was acrylic yarn blended with some pure fiber and then priced like there was no acrylic yarn in them at all.

Hah. The workhorse yarns were good enough for me.
Gulp. When did this happen? This isn't even the entire stash of natural fiber. And I like it. I like having them here. I haven't made a thing with them yet, but that's not quite the point of having a stash of yarn, is it? And even in the midst of busting a stash, I know that eventually I will have to make something with 'the good yarn.'

This is no doubt the work of Yarndis. You all remember Yarndis, she is the goddess of fiber I talked about a few months back who comes in and gets her kicks out of making fiber fools out of us. She is turning me into a person who doesn't dislike natural fiber so much. I am not turned away from my loyal friend the acrylics, it's just that I don't turn my nose up at the naturals. And if I stay in the clearance sections of Chix With Stix and Loopy Yarns (which is going to become a favorite stop of mine, too.) then I can co-exist happily with the LYS or two - that are within reach of me.

This cannot end well. It is a beautiful mildly crisp day and I have the French door open and the screen pulled up to let in the fresh air. The house can be aired out of the stale winter (and the dog) that has been locked in for the past several months. I am not scheduled to work today so I am going to take my next project - acrylic yarn all the way - and go sit outside and work on it for a little while. I am going to appreciate how it was the acrylics that brought me to the dance of knitting. I will use the time to show it how I have not forgotten what it's done for me.

Because you should always dance with the one that brung ya.


Susie said...

Ya can't help what/who ya love now can ya? Enjoy all the yarns, honey!

ennadoolf said...

I have some alpaca that found its way into my house ... I look at it once in a while wondering when I'll knit it up and what it will be. :) Right now though, I have acrylic on the needles.

Beverly said...

Hey babies! I am going to enjoy the yarns once i get over the guilt!

i have no idea what to do with them but then I have no idea what to do with the acrylics, either. i cannot abandon them - they got me to my passion. i don't want to become a wool snob!

Knits For Needs said...

I don't identify with yarn snobbery either, although I do like some nice wool now and again :) I feel like you did... can't afford the good stuff, and besides, I'm perfectly happy with the less expensive kind anyway. I just love YARN, period :)

deltapurl said...

Lol. My coworker doesn't understand why she can't get everything from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I am determined to turn her into a yarn snob

Beverly said...

i'm with your coworker, hobby lobby and michael's are nice places to be!

ekoukla said...

I enjoyed your post on your stash. I have a lovely stash of papers for cardmaking. Oh, yes, a lovely stash. The papers are too pretty to use, I'm afraid. I love my stash! It's a very rare occasion for me to actually cut into one of those papers and use them on card or two. One day... just not today. I love my stash!

Elizabeth - Koukla


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