Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Daze

Here's the backyard. Yes, that's the Adirondack chair almost covered with snow. Mr. Honey swathed a path for Duke which Duke appreciates as a launching place to try and get on top of the snow banks so he can snow dive. Dumb dog. I know he thinks it's fun but I think he's got a $3000 pin in his leg that I don't want to see matched with another one in the other leg.

I don't know if I showed you the ruffle scarf. Lo
oks more festive in the picture. Looks more warm and cozy in person. Looks fun in person and in the picture. This was my second introduction to short rows and wrapping stitches - we first met on the baby bibs. It is the short rows that causes the spirals or ruffles that make the scarf look like it's one long row of Pringles.

I wish I had my camera when we went out for our date night last night. The piles of snow all over the place made the city look like a maze. What I found amazing was how clear some of the roads were. What I found unbelievable was how many streets were not. Driving through the Chicago streets, the main roads were clear and the same driving through River Grove. When we hit Maywood (where i grew up) some of the streets weren't even shoveled which meant people had to walk in the street. Not too much of a problem except the street was 1st ave which is a extremely busy street that actually runs quite a distance. Seriously, how do folks get out of their houses? How do they expect to get their mail? There were houses that still haven't been shoveled! I don't know how many may be empty but there were lights on in some of them. Wonder what that is all about.

I started a new afghan. This one will be a stash buster - I pulled eight skeins out to start. It is an intarsia pattern - a little more about that later and how you are to blame - the pattern calls for the center square to be the same color so I asked Mr. Honey to name a color.


And then he smirked - until I pulled out a skein of turquoise yarn and then he walked into the bedroom defeated.

i used my trusty color wheel and pulled out some corresponding colors and I am on my way. Now, I am fully aware of the simpatico we knitters all share. So I am wondering why NONE of you dropped me a note saying: You really want to do that intarsia afghan again? Think of all the ends that will need to be woven in and think about how much you don't like that. That's why you never really completed it before. Don't go near it. Do something else.

But there was nothing. No one said anything. And I am into it now. So I start each session weaving in at least seven ends so it doesn't get out of hand by the time I finish the seven strips.

I have also been doing more slouch hats so I have that to fall back on when i can't make ends meet! Get it? A little finishing humor.

Never mind.

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