Saturday, April 9, 2011


These little things matter. These two hats were made in 24 hours. I started the one on the left at about 2 yesterday afternoon at StitchCraft and finished it at about 5. The one on the right was started this morning and took about 2 hours. The same pattern using the same size hook. So why the yarn difference and why is the one on the right looser and slightly more slouchy than the one on the left?

Cotton. The difference is cotton. The one on the right is made of cotton. It went across the needle much more smoothly - and I used an acrylic hook to slow it down a little. If I were using an aluminum hook it would have been sliding all over the place.

This also tells me I should go down a hook size when using cotton and trade that J hook in for an I hook - perhaps just for the decreasing and brim parts.

I had the urge to use up the Homespun yarn that's lying around and I tried making a hat with that but it came out big enough to fit the Stay Puff man so I started another afghan - the kind that has always sold. The first strip is already done and I know it's going to be gorgeous.

Today the weather is beautiful and I decided to go out and crochet the above hat. I loved sitting in the fresh air. Mr. Honey came out and played with the dog for a few minutes and then went inside. When I was ready to come inside, I went up the steps and tried to open the backdoor.


Not the first time he's done that. So I walked around to the side door.

Locked. Rang the doorbell.

No answer.

Looked out front. My His car is gone.

I will not mention the name I called him but it was neither Mr. nor Honey.

Did I mention I needed to go to the loo? He arrived a few minutes later and noticed the look on my face and when I asked him if he thought it was a good idea to lock me out. He said: "I did? I'm sorry, honey, I really didn't mean to do that."

How does that work? Let's see: I never go out of the house without bringing the dog in but the wife is in the backyard with the dog - right then, I'll just lock up and go.

I think we need to have his levels checked. I tell ya, if he wasn't such a good Mr. Honey the rest of the time I'd be checking nursing homes.

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