Monday, April 4, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

I know the last time I wanted to visit some place for the Top Ten, it was Denmark but I decided to stay stateside this time and visit Detroit - if Eminem can do it, so can I.

Gold Tear Drop Earrings by LadyKJewelry - It's not my fault we start with earrings. These are simple yet stunning.

Nautical Silver Earrings by elisadezignz. Oh, it seems we have some really good jewelry makers in Detroit. It would be wrong of me not to show you what there is and I like these. They're nice and shiny.

Multi Color Turquoise Necklace by StyleKittie - Hey, it's not a pair of earrings. It is a colorful necklace that I can imagine on my neck!

Angel Bead Charm by Silver Heart Studio - I can see this being used in my needlework as a charm on a square or being used as a stitch marker.

Bridesmaid Tote
by Memorable Weddings - Now, this is pretty clever. Your bridesmaid tote can hold the spare pair of flats, makeup and other stuff your girl will need for the rehearsal and the big day.

At least one more square has been added to the pile and I finished an 'L' shape shawl and a crochet slouch. i did another count to see if hats had started to outsell every thing else and the answer is no. Afghans are still the thing that sales the most. Hats are second but prayer shawls are coming up fast - who knew? I am thrilled that my afghans sale but they do take some time to be created. (I now have two going - the blocks and one that reminds me of a honeycomb.) You gotta give the people what they want.

The second half of the list finds us leaving Detroit for the great city of Eugene, Oregon. (So many cities, so few days to blog!)

flower Beanie by nixie made - The hat is really cute and the kid is looking like she wants to be somewhere else.

Shabby Flower Garden by Now and Then Quilts - Anyone who can make a quilt has my respect but making one like this is really great. This is vintage right off the bat!

Butterfly Tiara by Butter Kisses - Completely bohemian! This would look good with jeans or with a flowing dress.

Granny Square Bedspread by Forever Design - Can you imagine the work? Neither can I. This had to be started in 1968.

Moon and Stars by bongo beads
- Who uses quarters for these? Well, I guess when you sell one you've made it back and more!

If it is at all possible, remember to at least look at local artisans for gifts and other items. Nothing sparks the economy more than patronizing local businesses. What goes around the neighborhood comes around the neighorhood!

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