Monday, April 11, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

We will not be visiting a particular city today - though I am curious about Fairfax, Green Bay and Houston - but instead, I'm feeling a little bit of wanderlust and looked a little hither and a little yon for this week's top ten:

Dragonfly Charm from shareliving I like these because I can imagine incorporating them into my knitting/crochet. Either on a square in an afghan or as an embellishment on a hat or scarf.

Tea Pot Charms by mksupplies I can definitely see these on tea cozies or mug cozies. What? It's not my fault I ran into two charm stores.

The Cheese Stands Alone by beanforest It was really hard to pick which one of these I wanted to feature. If you want to have some quick laughs, check out the other buttons in the shop!

Groomsmen ties by toybreaker The motto of the shop is 'ties that don't suck' and they hold true to that. There are some beautiful ties here that would make any Father's Day instantly better.

Crochet Beanie by hblackberry - hunh.

I am oh so glad to be back in the house (I will not venture into my backyard with taking my keys unless I know Mr. Honey is no where in the domicile!) I've been a little hat crazy lately and now that all six of the heads have a hat on them my momentum may have been broken a little. I just put a poncho on the needles yesterday. So now I have a poncho and two afghans going - I also had to make some flowers for church yesterday and I knocked those off and want to do some more because they were fun and quick - I told you, crack crochet - I am working on the homespun afghan today. Nice to be busy!

Toddler Bling by dara43 - OK, these are too cute!

Mustache on a stick by maro designs - again, hunh

Rosette Vintage Earrings by bazaar latino - OMG, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!!

Scrabble Cufflinks by Cuff links - Come on now, know someone who's an English Teacher or involved with words?

Love Potion Necklace by mylavaliere - This is vintage, retro fresh and intriguing. I would absolutely wear it!

There it is! This week's top ten list. Just goes to show you it takes all kinds to make a crafty type of world. The weather is cooler than the last couple of days but they were too warm for the season. This is just about right and I'm really sleepy! Didn't sleep very well last night so hopefully I will make up for it tonight. If I don't fall asleep right now. Which I can ill afford to do because there's so much on my plate this evening - including cooking dinner!

Well, maybe a little nap.

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