Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

I can't even begin to tell you about this week. Twice I've woken up and thought it was Saturday. I have only three sales for the year and I'm piling up finished objects! I think it's a good week - it's always a good week to show what artisans are up to:

Newsboy Cap by Captured Imagination - These are just cute - not as cute as mine, of course- but cute.

Beanie by Lusted to Wander - I can just see this on a little head looking good and feeling fine!

Crochet Floppy Hat
by Green Valley Crochet - I would love to be able to make this kind of hat. Maybe one day. In the meantime, this one is pretty nice.

Flower and Bee Necklace
by Eclectic Bijoux - I like this because so it's so whimsical.

Rose Turquoise Earrings
by ildikojewelry Love the color, love the length, love the look - and isn't that what you need to love about jewelry?

Like I've said, I've been busy this week. I'm in that mood to do more than one project at a time and this is what I've accomplishe

Who knew making leaves would be so much fun and also so satisfying? I don't know if it's because I have that little voice inside my head that says it might not be as e
asy as it looks or what. I don't know but I loved making these. I have the pattern memorized so I can whip these out wherever, whenever. That's a fun thing. What am I going to use them for? They can sell as embellishments and that's how I am going to use them. I already have several ideas....

I also finished the homespun afghan but will place that pic up at a later time - don't want to show you all the goods at one time.

Let's finish the list.

Infinity scarf by Miss Priscilla Pomeroy - It's lovely and it's $150.

Shawl by Vara - Crazy, Sexy, Cool!!

Red Cherry Earrings by Room of Your Own - I'd eat them but then I couldn't wear them!

Crochet Pin by By Sweet Mom - It doesn't have to bling to be bling. This is fiber bling.

Cowl and Glove Set by reflections by ds - I don't work with mohair much but this is a beautiful set and the pieces would look lovely on their own.

It's rainy and cold today. I wonder what it is we're doing to the earth - taking things out without putting things back. While I ponder that, you can shop locally - and handmade - and not only will that help the economy, it will help the planet. It's the only one we have.

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