Thursday, April 14, 2011

We Take Them Where We Find Them

Don't ask me what I've been doing today cuz I don't know. I remember making myself get up - I went to bed before midnight, which on my planet, means getting out of bed nine hours later. That's right. The earlier I go to bed the later I wake up. I cannot explain this myself.

I know I went to the store. I purchased my breakfast, lunch and snack meals for the week having run out of all of the same. (I had a very good week diet wise. So much so I was in the bathroom every couple of hours the past few days. No, the blood sugar levels are fine and I actually have been eating more roughage and protein, less of the simple carbs and processed stuff. I need to drink more water - odd given how close the bathroom and I have become this week.)

I've hardly watched the t a
nd v and I've knit just a couple of rows of the next strip in the homespun afghan and yet here it is in the early evening and I have no idea where I've been.

I did, however, while watching Loving Leah, fringe the poncho:
I said I would like it better once I put the fringe on it and this has turned out to be the case. So I will accept this feel good moment.
Let me just give a shout out to the Joann people. They have redone some of their fiber. This one is called Sumptuous and it is a knock off of Lion Brand Thick and Quick. It costs the same as the national brand but you get 1.5 times more yarn and it's rather nice to work with. I'm saying if they get a worsted weight yarn that can give I Love This Yarn a run for the money, they will have something. ILTY is truly great but Hobby Lobby keeps raising the price. They need some competition! Joann could give it to them.

Tonight is date night (Ruby Tuesday) and then I will come back and hopefully get some knitting in while watching shows recorded to the DVR and a movie before going to bed. I'm sure this has been a good day - if only I could remember it!

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