Monday, April 25, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

It's an interesting morning so far - Mr. Honey is home and there are three police cars outside the house - though the two event are unrelated. But something is going on next door at the newlyweds house - that can't be good.

Atutudes Twilight TuTu by Atutudes. I don't really know if I like the tutu or the mannequin. Either way it make the list.
Original B&W Art by Sometimesiswirl. This is one of those things that just hits you. Don't know why. But then, don't need a reason why.
Angel and Owl by artbykatya I like the colors of this. As always, I am in awe of folks who can paint and draw. My paint by numbers kits come out looking like a Rorschach drawing.
Handmade Shea Butter Soap by Soap Deli - Besides looking really cool, I just got a book on making soap so it's on my radar.
Red Riding Hood Heart by Classic Keepsakes - I was just thinking I had made it through half the list and not a piece of jewelry in sight and this smoky red beauty showed up!

The cars are still there but the bride just showed up and she and my neighbor went into the house with the police. Boy, Wisteria Lane comes to Chicago. In other news, our Easter service was really good. We are slowly getting more folks into the church and the service itself is really meaningful. I feel more spiritually involved and considering I don't have a great attention span, that's pretty good.

Mustard Yellow Bag by marbled - Not a tote bag but then I never said I loved only tote bags.
Nuage Cowl by Tickled Pink Knits - Cowls are cool (and warm) I like this because of the simple texture.
Quartz and moonstone earrings by aubepine I have a pair similar to these in a different color. These would catch the light and be fabulous!
Crochet Doily by Crochet Style - see, this is the kind of talent that makes you want to go up and slap somebody.
Peridot earrings by Annalis Jewelry - and they come in green, too! Brava!!

Well, the cars have gone, the street is clear and it looks like everything is back to normal. Duke was outside the whole time and he wasn't barking like a banshee so whatever it was didn't excite him and so it probably wasn't much of anything - as much as that can't be anything with three police cars and a half dozen police officers - most of them female, by the way.

I completed another square and another slouch beret. Today I am working on crocheting a bikini - yes, you read it right - I am crocheting a bikini. Live in fear.

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