Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello From Phoenix

I have no photos to share with you right now because I left my camera back in the hotel room. I haven't seen my sister in five years.....five years. My great nephew is twice as tall as the last time I saw him. My brothers are here and my older sister's plane was delayed twice but she should be here soon. It's a sibling family reunion!!!

Nicole asked a question in the comments and I need to answer it - OK, she asked several and I need to answer them all.

Question 1: Do I stay with the trusty knit stitch? Not always. I did in the one that's pictured in the last entry but the stitches can vary however you decide.

Question 2: Do I stay with the same needle size? Again, you can switch it up anyway you like and that would really make it interesting because the larger the needles, the lacier the work. I don't know of one where I changed the needle size.

Question 3:Do you use whatever yarn suits your fancy? Indeed I do! What I will do is take an empty bag - like a huge storage bag - and go through my stash and just fill it up with whatever I put my hands on (unless I am going for a certain color then it's whatever yarn of that color I put my hands on) then I pull one out, use it for a few rows, then put it in another empty bag, and use another one.

Question 4: Do I follow a pattern? I look at a pattern then do what I want.

The fun thing is to do what you want how you want. There really are no knit police or we all would be in the knitter jail - just do what you feel like doing - if that means following a pattern, then do it!

I am going to have a soda and spend some time with my sister and brother. I will take some photos and show them when I get back because I forgot to bring the cord that will let me upload them - hey, it was a good thing I remembered the camera!

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