Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's Up With That?

I am in an uncharacteristically bad mood. I woke up with a headache and I went to bed frustrated because...well...I'm not quite sure why.

I know I was feeling a little put out because I stepped away from writing something yesterday and when I came back - a scant few minutes later - there was a man sitting at my computer. My knitting/c
rocheting didn't go at all well and I always feel a little funky before I go away from home.

I was trying to get myself out of it and then I remembered a line from 'Kingdom Come' which I am going to paraphrase. Sometimes you don't fix things that are wrong sometimes you 'just let it be broke a little while." I am not going to try and talk myself into feeling better. I also will not try and stay in this bad mood. I am going to let it live and see if there is something else within me that will either encourage it to stay or move along. That will tell me a little bit about myself.

Today is my free day. The day I can eat whatever I want and I've
already had my sugar fix and I think I'm good. I've finally gotten myself into the groove of it and it is going rather well. Not quite three weeks and the results have been good. Must thank the fabulous Melissa for inspiring me onward.
This afghan, the Bohemian Throw, was 'sold' to the church and given to a wonderful woman named Mary who is moving back to her home in Virginia after being in this area for about 40 years and our church for five or six. Mary has one of those gentle spirits that make you know there are really nice people in the world - and you're not one of them but may consider it for the future.

I am also getting prepped for my next sermon which is to be delivered on May 22 and will be centered on 1 Peter Chapter 2:5-10, especially vs 9-10. Being a chosen people. We are still in the Easter season - the time of sacrifice, resurrection and ascension. And perhaps that's what I am mentally going through. It will be better. Maybe this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow. But it will be better and that's enough to know.

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Nicole said...

I've always wondered about the multi-yarn throws/afghans/blankets/what-have-yous. With all the different types of yarn, how do you knit them?
Do you stay with the trusty knit stitch all the way through? Do you mix it up? Do you use the same needle size the whole way? Do you just use whichever yarn strikes your fancy, or follow a set pattern?

If you could answer these, it would be much appreciated!


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