Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And so it goes

Yes, it's another prayer shawl..but come on, it's a beautiful prayer shawl. I started this in church on Sunday and it was finished as I was watching Serena Williams make the most stunning comeback in her tennis career. She was down one set (BTW, we're talking about tennis) and was losing the second set 4-0 when she got herself together, remembered she was the best tennis player on the planet. She won the second set in a tie break and then went on to command the third set. The fringe was put on as I watched Roger Federer get back to his game and defeat Davydenko - even though that dude has beat Federer in the past. I played high school and college tennis. Had a tennis scholarship. Played two years of college doubles and won all but two matches in those two years - don't ask me where my tennis racquet is today. It's a real shame how I've become so un-athletic.)

So I guess this is the tennis prayer shawl. I am also still working on the blue shawl that I have dubbed 'the shawl that shall never end.' I know my mistake - I knit it on the needles that were on the package. I am using size 5 needles on sport weight yarn. I wanted a tight stitch - I didn't want it lacy and I am getting what I asked for. But it will never end.

I went searching for a shawl pattern that used the Vanna Glamour and all the shawls were rectangles - and I didn't want to make a rectangle shawl because I'd been making so many (and there's another one on the horizon) so this is what I get for being ambitious. The shawl patterns I did find for sport weight says it will take at least 1000 yards - a little bit more than I calculated. Makes me happy i have about four more skeins. (I am about to finish with skein 2.) This is what comes from thinking like a designer. I don't have the chops for it.

I will continue on with it because one of the other 2010 resolutions is: 'start - finish what you start.' And I will make sure I note it in new knitting journal - yes, I have a handwritten journal of knitting projects. I started it with the shawl that never ends project. I will note the length and number of stitches on the needles before casting off (even number of stitches, of course.) And whether I choose to tassel or fringe.

Like Serena and Roger, I won't give up and I won't go back - that's how knitting champions are made.

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ennadoolf said...

I love the colours - it looks very comforting. :)


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