Friday, January 29, 2010

Does That Count?

This isn't a very good photo of her, but this is my pastor; Pastor Harriette. A couple of weeks ago she asked if I could take her to a clinic where she was having a procedure done and I said I would - never mind what she was having done, so not part of the story.

I, of course, took my knitting with me (knitting the shawl that never ends - and it still doesn't look like it ever will) and while she was in the recovery room, I told her of my resolution of eliminating my yarn stash and she said:

"Oh, well, there goes what I could have gotten you for Christmas."
To which I replied.
"You can still get me yarn for Christmas. You're not trying to eliminate my stash. I am."

That was right, right? I mean, I recall the resolution quite clearly that I was trying to eliminate my stash - Oh, all right, Melissa, I know I chastised you yesterday for being an enabler for telling me about the yarn sales. But that was you trying to get me to go buy yarn; not somebody else getting yarn for me - yeah, there's a difference!

There's a difference, right? I mean wouldn't it be just down right rude to discourage someone wanting to sincerely gift you with fiber? I couldn't very tell my my minister no. I mean, she anointed and all.

Besides, I'm thinking by the time we get to the Christmas season, I would be well on the way to having that stash gone. It will be a distance memory - enhanced with plenty of blog posts. There will be room for a small amount of yarn gifted by a woman of the cloth - see there; it just seems right - cloth - fiber.

Come on - it's kismet.

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Susie said...

Pastor Harriette looks lovely. Can't wait to see all the posts from your stash knits!


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