Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Won't Grow Up

Whew, am I tired. Because yesterday I spent eight hours working. I did not pick up my knitting needles (which I do consider part of my work) until after 4 yesterday afternoon when Mr. Honey asked me if I was missing Gilmore Girls - yes, I watch the reruns of GG. Usually, I am already right there in front of the t and v with needles in hand, but yesterday, I started at about 9 in the morning and rebuilt my website. was looking pretty sorry and I told myself it was because I was so busy doing all that other stuff and I would get around to rebuilding the site so it looked like something someone should visit (I should do the same for my house!)
But with the Craft Cafe getting a green light, the site needed to be rebuilt pretty darned quick. So yesterday, in a flight of maturity, after I did my blog post, I turned on Dreamweaver and decided to
build the craft cafe webpages.

In the midst of doing that, it made sense to me to put those pages on my website instead of paying for a new site or new domain so that led to me redoing my site - and now phase one is complete and ready for visitors!
To tell the truth, I had the most fun creating the jpegs (see images on the left) for the pages and I am anticipating more fun creating the ones for the pages that are left to make!

There was even more fun when I opened my mail this morning to see there were folks who already registered for the first and future craft shows and an email from a friend who says she won't have enough to sell but will be there to help me in any way she can. Blessings abound when one works for blessings!

Because of all this work going on yesterday, not only did I not knit a lot, I also did not do the laundry or clean the living room as I had scheduled - which at the moment, seems to be something of an upside. But today, I shall get that done. There's still more to do on the site, but at least it's functional and I can start on phase two of the craft cafe getting folks to sign up and planning the publicity phase. If anyone has any experience planning craft shows and can give me some pointers - I'd be appreciative of that. I do not want this venture to fail as it effects so many folks.

This grown up thing? Not all it's cracked up to be!

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