Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Somebody Hand Me A Gauntlet

Aneha (my apologies for not being able to do the spelling justice) informs me that 'resolutions never work.' Her comment is actually pretty humorous - you should read it. That got me scurrying to the pattern books to find a gauntlet for me to knit so I could throw it down!

Got distracted by a really good tennis match on the t and v. So no gauntlet. But I remain steadfast in eliminating the yarn stash - the disappointment expressed yesterday wasn't that I won't be able to destash - though the jury might still be out on that. I am pretty sure...kinda sure...fairly sure I will be able to do that. The disappointment was that I was not floored by the colorfusion yarn that I expected to floor me.

I probably chose too dark colors but I chose the colors that were the most appealing. I don't know what that says about me. I'm certain it says something, though. But I leave room for the surprise I wasn't looking for. There will be something sensational that will happen with that yarn. Just haven't discovered it yet. But I will.

I thought the prayer shawl tear was over but another one made its way to my needles on Sunday and will probably be completed sometime today. I've sold two of them to folks at church which is really kinda funny because part of the proceeds go back to the church. So they are helping me help ourselves - which is what we're supposed to do anyway.

Life has funny little circles.

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