Monday, January 25, 2010

How Is This Possible?

One month. Just one month in the new year and I cannot bring myself to post a photo. I am making myself believe it is not because I have lost hope but because I am full of it (hope, that is, not full of it the way we usually mean it.)

You rem
ember the resolution to eliminate the yarn stash? You also remember there were two exceptions: to purchase yarn to go with what was in the stash with the expressed intention of completing a project thus getting rid of the stashed and purchased yarn.

To purchase one particular yarn I've wanted to try.

And the circumstance of purchasing that yarn was that it was going to be on sale. It was on sale. I told you guys it was on sale and
that I was going to go get some.

I did.


We don't get along - this new yarn and I. I purchased four skeins; two colors. Both shades of green that can be blended. One shade was Camo, I don't remember the other. I started with the Camo and the feel of it, while soft, is somewhat strange and the whole purpose of this yarn was that it's supposed to have all these wonderful color changes...

Not so much.

Though I suppose if you're called 'camo' you probably shouldn't change color too much or else you wouldn't be very 'flauged' would you? The other color, I believe it's 'Rustic' does appear to have more color changes or color fusion. But I'm let down just a little.

I tried to continue with the camo but alas we had to have the discussion ("It's not you; it's me.) and I told it I paid way too much for it, even on sale, for me to disregard it completely. It will become a part of the stash set aside to make my favorite
afghan. I explained that it had the texture and softness to fit right in and because there was so much of it (390 yards) it could be the cornerstone of the whole piece. I then removed it from the needles and cast on with another yarn purchased to clear away the one skein in the stash and make another prayer shawl.

Meanwhile, the rustic color looked at me as if to say, "Don't put me in that same basket. I deserve a fair shot." And it does. But a little later. I don't want to risk the disappointment again.

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Алёна said...

Resolutions never work. Or you find the way to get away from it. Last year I promised myself not to buy yearn in industrial amounts, and only for the project. Well, I started buying glass beads in industrial amounts instead, plus I keep buying yarn this time in small amounts but with huge yardage(500-600 meters per 100 g)
It is killing me completely


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