Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breakdown Dead Ahead

I got up this morning and I look like I've been in a fight. I remember waking up and feeling quite normal. I made a phone call to clarify something with Lois and when I hung up the phone, my eye felt funny. I walked into the bathroom and my right eye is practically swollen shut and I have no idea why. Something must have gotten into my eye and I must have rubbed it right in while I was talking on the phone and not even thinking about it. Mr. Honey wanted to know if it was painful or inhibiting my sight. No to both counts and I think it's getting better because I'm beginning to feel it pulse like the blood is flowing again - bummer. Do you see this pile of prayer shawls? I've made twelve total and this Sunday we are going to have a prayer shawl blessing at church. And the prayer shawl tear continues but I've added more of the hats, too. So, how is your New Year's going? I've had a busy beginning and no one to blame but myself. Fourteen days into the new year and I want to be lazier than a son of a gun.

I already have a plateful of stuff to get done (3 websites, job description, organizing the craft cafe) and I love having stuff to do -
but it is direct opposition to my desire to be lazy. My 'free' day was yesterday - the day I could eat whatever I wanted and I had a sugar rush. Which means I am having sugar withdrawal today which just encourages the laziness - and with the eye and all - it just seems a day made to take it easy.

Anyone have any tips on overcoming laziness? I suppose there's no real cure except to do the non-lazy thing which is to just do something other than be lazy. I'm gonna get right on that. I know people like that. Folks who have that get up and go and that fire in the belly drive and working all out on everything. I watch them as they go by and I admire them so much. And I want to be just like them...someday. I guess.

Right now. I have to work out and I am contemplating a trip to Hobby Lobby...wait..wait don't jump all over me about going to my yarn place. Remember I said there were exceptions to the not buying yarn rule and one of the exceptions is if a certain yarn goes on sale. And it's on sale. Besides, I said I was contemplating. It may never happen. I'm lazy, remember?

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Susie said...

Umm...with a stack of prayer shawls and other projects going, lazy isn't the word I'd use to describe you Bev. Industrious and crafalicious is more like it.


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