Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yarndis - The Goddess of Fiber

So last night was the first evening meeting of StitchCraft and we were supposed to have a Yarn Swap - the rules were:
get a skein or two of any yarn you like
put it in a paper bag (plastic would do the point is not to be able to see inside the bag
place the bag in a pile
pick out a bag not your own

it all went wrong at

get a skein or two of any yarn you like

April didn't understand that rule and she said she put in yarn that she wanted to get rid of. So, instead of a blind swap, we did more of a yarn exchange. Everyone opened up their bags to see what was inside.

April's yarn - whic
h everyone else really liked - went to Vickie.
Lisa's yarn went to Betty
Betty's yarn went to Lisa
My yarn came back home with me


Well, because I originally brought a skein of the Norville yarn in cranberry and April said she wanted it because she wanted to put it in the afghan she was making and she showed me the afghan.

Yarn did not go with that
afghan. So I pulled out a skein of Homespun in Lagoon (One, the afghan she was making was in Homespun. Two, the lagoon was a much better color fit.) So April took my Lagoon

And I took Vickie's skein.

Let me take a moment right here to tell you about Yarndis - The Goddess of Fiber. She can sometimes play with people. Gods, being Gods, can do anything - which must make their existence somewhat boring at times. Where's the challenge? Where's the struggle? It is to be found in the mere mortals. Especially those who make resolutions and pronouncements. The challenge is to make them go back on their resolve.

I had resolved myself that
the colorfusion Epais yarn was not going to be used in prayer shawls and the colorfusion parts was a little disappointing. So, of course, the yarn I got from Vickie was another skein of the Epais in another shade of green to go with the two shades of green I have already. I don't care how blue that ball on the right looks, it's green. (Got some blue in in it, but it's green.) That's the one I got from Vickie. The one on the left - that looks brown - is the camo, and the one in the middle that looks white - is a light green.
I cast on last night with the skein on the right. The color is - I kid you not - 'I Love You' - Yarndis must be having herself a good yuck over that. Didn't thrill me. It was good but it wasn't great. I am, what the Harlot would call a yarn pig. I wanted the yarn cuz it was big and fluffy. Never mind I wasn't thrilled about it's kin already in my possession. Yarndis doesn't mind making us suffer gluttony.

But then I remembered - I was going to do my favorite afghan with this yarn. I was going to combine it with the Homespun remnants.

Not any more.

I now have five..FIVE..skeins of this. That's nearly 2000 yards. I have enough to make that afghan using only this yarn. And I have a feeling I'm gonna like it cuz it's color blocks. April and Vickie also tore into the middle of the skein and we saw where the colorfusion will take place. Thus, I still have hope and I think this is going to be interesting at the very least.

Take that, Yarndis.

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