Monday, May 24, 2010

7 Day Afghans

This is probably the first book of patterns I bought and believe it or not, I bought it because of the crochet patterns. There was a time when crochet was over knitting. So, I got this book and there are notes of when I tried to do some of the afghans and how many rows i did before I gave up - probably because I couldn't keep the side edges from going wonky. That would have been enough go me to stop trying it.

But now that I've matured some and I've taken up crochet once more, I have again turned to this book for inspiration. It has a lot of granny square afghans. And it also has lots of rippled afghans. Thankfully, they don't have many pictures of the hairstyles and clothes that were worn back then in the mid 80's. The few I have seen have reminded me they weren't all that fashionable when they were in fashion. Best they stick with the patterns and they do. There's a very adorable pattern that if you make the squares the way they tell you to and you lay them out following their instructions, you will have crocheted an afghan with toy train motifs all over it. One day I will have to give that a go.

There are over 40 patterns given by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss and with the exception of just one or two (OK no more than 4) they are all something I would at least attempt to make. I can't attempt any of them right now because I have two special order afghans I have to kick out and less than a month to get them both done. But right after that might not be a bad time to start on the first afghan in the book - a classic granny square afghan. Why not, it will go quickly and I can use stash yarn.

And speaking of stash yarn. The other day, Mr. Honey remarked he didn't know how I managed to knit and crochet so much. I told him it part of the job and besides, I had to bust the yarn stash and then he said the magic words:

"Where did all that yarn go?"
"It's all over."
"Well, it seems to be disappearing."

I swear I in no way induced this statement. He wasn't plied with booze, good food or hanky panky. He said it all on his own. This is the best reinforcement there can be. The man who once said the yarn put us over the top can apparently see the top and the middle as well.

Now I know there's a lot left to get through but the fact that Mr. Honey has noticed we are not being overrun and because I know it's not like I have it hiding somewhere means progress is being made.

Another cool thing: I didn't have to restock the fiber to make the special order afghan. I have enough left over from the last one I made. Now, I was also making another afghan with that yarn and I may not have enough to finish that one off so on my shopping day (I will tell you about the designated shopping day) I will pick up a ball of each other colors. That should be enough to do because the block afghan is 1/3 done. Don't even suggest I frog in case I need some more. I worked hard on that afghan and I won't have it undone when there's nice new balls at the store. (Yes, i said and I won't even rewrite it!)

I'm really thrilled to be hitting the stash so hard that Mr. Honey notices it getting smaller. Love being on that right track.

I need to eat some protein.

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