Saturday, May 29, 2010

By Special Request

I'm feeling pretty darned popular! I have two special request afghans I am working on and the granny square one is moving along pretty well. (This is an old photo of the first one I made. The one I'm working on now looks just like it, except it's further along so I didn't see the point of taking another photo.
The blue afghan is also going well. I have 9 squares done - I'm pretty sure it's 9, if not then 7, maybe 10. I don't know how many squares total will be in the final project. I'm steam blocking two squares at a time and I'm getting a kick out of that, too.
Both projects will be making the trip with us - since we are traveling in the new vehicle, there's plenty of room for yarn projects so the huge bag of blue yarn and the huge bag of granny square yarn will both have room and I can happily go between projects. I'm thinking the squares will have to be shown the landmarks along the way - and as soon as I discover what landmarks there are along the way I'll be sure to point them out.

Poor Mr. Honey! He has sciatica and yesterday it decided to flair and he's been walking around like he's in a slow motion replay. Just the thing he needed before a vacation. Please send prayers for his recovery. He's really miserable when this happens because he can't do all he'd like. And an unhappy hubby is an unhappy me.

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