Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Would Have Done It

Susie says she is certain Mr. Honey wakes up and feels the same way about me that I do about him. I can tell you Mr. Honey certainly does not think that. He loves me to pieces and he thinks I'm fun, but I am a drain on that man's sensibilities.

Case in point: y'all remember me saying that since I can drive the new vehicle that we are now a two car family: his car is my car, my car is his car we now have
options when we leave the house. He is free to take the car when he feels that would be a better choice than taking the van and because of that, I had to clean out the car which could no longer be a storage area for my stuff.

I didn't say when I would clean out the car. Just that I would have to clean out the car. It wasn't that messed up to begin with. On Mr. Honey's planet, something shouldn't 'have to be cleaned' it should just 'be cleaned.' On my planet: something to do; on his planet: something that's done.

So I walked into the basement the other day and noticed my car mats were shampooed and hanging to dry. I did not do that
. I'm pretty sure the dog didn't do that. That only leaves Mr. Honey or the guy who broke into my car and took the ashtray of change out and I don't think he would do it.

I was afraid to look in the car because I know he committed a cleaning. I had to take the car somewhere and when I walked out and looked in it I saw nothing. Not a scrap of paper, not my little basket of trinkets, not my music. Nothing. All of it gone. I'm going to assume it's in the trunk and not in the garbage but I'm too afraid to look and I don't want to ask.

I cannot tell whether or
not I am complaining. I do know this, I left the house to ship off an order and stopped at Popeye's for some rice. It would not have been unusual for me to get a biscuit to nibble on. I couldn't do it. I have imposed a rule that I cannot eat in my car. I cannot eat in my car because it is no longer my car. It is now the car. Cannot eat in the car. Sure as heck cannot eat in the van.

This could actually be a good thing.

See? I'm not complaining. But I would have cleaned out the car - eventually. But since he's done it, I am obligated to maintain
it. That man knows how work his woman. He knows me quite well.

Here are
the two projects I am working on: one on the needles and the other on the hook: the one on the left is a strip from an afghan I am knitting. The colors are just a little faded but it is made from the same yarn I used to make the white granny afghan. It's very interesting how the same yarn can look so different when used in a different pattern. The one on the right is the new granny square afghan. This time granny's deep red and purple though in the photo she looks a little brown. I'm working them both every day and it's hard to tell which one is going faster. I started the strip one first just days before the granny. It's hard to tell but Mr. Honey took a look at the granny and said, "You're making fast progress on that one."

Neat and observant.

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Susie said...

"Committed a cleaning" made me crack up! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Bev.


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