Sunday, May 2, 2010


Lest you think that I have been out joy riding in Mr. Honey's new car this past week - which I have not been - I have driven it twice at his request and once at mine - I want you to see what I have been up to.

I have finished the white granny afghan.
Complete with a single crochet edging, I might add. Finished it up last week and even I have to admit it's a little on the cute side. The colors are much more spring like than they appear in the photo but even the photo shows a nice afghan.

But that wasn't the thing that kept me away from you. Recall me saying I wanted to make pillows and
afghans to match or coordinate?
Behold some cushion pillows! It goes with the fur trimmed one I showed you before. Do you see what has kept me so
busy? I love these pillows. I had to go out and get the 16 inch form because I made the one in the middle too big for the 14 inches I had in stash. But it turned out. My first crocheted pillow - yes, let us take a moment.
My library now includes at least three crochet books and I gave away a crochet stitch dictionary last year some time. I do not regret it but little did I know I would add it to my repertoire. (That's French for skilz.)

I have an afghan on the needles and it appears as if it will be a quick knit so I should have that to show you shortly. I started it late last night and it's twenty squares and I am already on square three. It's a stash buster.

And speaking of 4953 - the afghan took 10 skeins, the big pillow took 3, the pom-pom pillow took 2 and the sequin pillow took 1. So now we are down to 4937 and I went to Joann to pick up the pillow form and not one skein of yarn even made it to my hand let along the basket.

I know this is enough for the stash enhanced to talk about kicking me out of the club, but I do this for the greater good. One it is embarrassing how much yarn is all over my living room. One cannot have a stash this big if one is not going to be organized and I cannot seem to manage that for any length of time.

Two, really do we really need a huge stash? No, we don't. I love having it around, too, but really, it's a cute form of OCD and at my age, cute ain't that cute anymore.

I am knitting myself out of the stash and hopefully will give Mr. Honey his clean house back for his birthday - six months from now.

In the meantime, I have one more 14 inch and one more 16 inch pillow form. I need to make pillows and afghans to go with them and I will get started on that as soon as the other afghan is completed. The stash bust continues..

It's a good thing!

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cici said...

You have been very productive these days. The white granny afghan is beautiful♥


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