Thursday, May 6, 2010

It Could End at Any Moment

Mr. Honey and I are in the midst of celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. The actual date was two days ago but we decided to celebrate today - except our plans were delayed. We wanted to go to Miller's Pub, a restaurant downtown where our beloved nephew, Matt, is a waiter. But Matt called to say he didn't have to go in today and we want to leave him the big tip so we are going tomorrow when he will be on duty.

So, 14 years ago today we were in Toronto because we wanted to leave the country for our honeymoon - I don't really think that was the reason, I think I wanted to go to the other country that was attached to this one. Been to Mexico so that left our neighbors to the north, eh.

Now the thing to do would be to post a wedding photo or one of the honeymoon but that would mean pulling out the albums and the proofs and selecting one and scanning it and...just take my word for it - we're legally married.

My brother performed the ceremony and I kept asking him - during the ceremony - if he was sure he was ordained. This was his first wedding and I wanted to make sure there were no loop holes. After the service was over, I asked him if Mr. Honey and I were actually married at that moment or if there was that three day waiting thing that people get. Married. Totally. From the moment he announced it to the world.

I made the point after we exchanged vows to inform Mr. Honey that now it would take an attorney.

Before you think I was a total spaz at the altar, I should tell you that when my brother was taking Mr. Honey through his vows he said: "Repeat after me, I, Mr. Honey, take you Beverly to be my lawfully wedded wife." And Mr. Honey said...


OK not quite. He said , "Uh..."
I swear someone in the audience said, "Oh, oh..."
My brother said, "Not sure?"
Mr. Honey said, "I didn't hear you."

Yeah, because my brother was standing so damn far away.
My brother said, "You want me to repeat it?" (As opposed to what?)
"Yes, please."
So my brother repeated it..slowly..and Mr. Honey said the words and the show went on.
And it's been going on ever since. Considering I never imagined me getting married, I'm blown away it's still going.

As far as marriages go, this one is pretty good. It isn't perfect - I could be so much better as a wife - but every morning when I wake up I ask myself if I want to be married that day. And there hasn't been a day when I didn't want to be married to that guy. Two of my favorite words: my husband.

We have a lot of fun and there are hardly any arguments - nothing to argue about really. No mortgage. No kid at home. His family lives close enough we can see them regularly but not so close that I feel they are in our business. Life is pretty good. Marriage is even better.

Happy anniversary, Mr. Honey. I'd do it all over again in a second.


ennadoolf said...

Congratulations. :) Ours was just 29 years ~ wow, goes by so fast.

Susie said...

Congratulations Bev! I think Mr. Honey probably wakes up everyday and feels the same.


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