Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Game Plan

I had a moment - I've had several moments over the last few days. I have rocked my own world.
I have three projects going at the moment and it is having an effect on the resolution to cull the stash. I had to go in search of blue yarn because I have to make another blue
afghan - remember the wedding afghan? Same premise but using different squares. I went through the upstairs stash and I think I came away with two skeins. I went to the downstairs stash - the stash mecca. I came away with five small skeins - maybe 150 yards each. That's all that's left of the color since I did the wedding afghan last August. As you can see, used lots of blues and I can't recall replacing it so I had to scavenge and what I've noticed is that some boxes and bags are more than half empty (or less than half full for those who view the world differently.) By my calculation and I have no idea if this is accurate or not, I should be able to make 10 - 15 squares with what I've collected so far, I have two squares already done and with the yarn I had from the living room stash, I should be OK with making the really big afghan I need to have done by next month - and that should get rid effectively use about ten skeins.

The second project - the granny square
afghan - has one strip made and one strip one square short of being made. Haven't decided how many strips there will be. The squares are 10 inches and the strip has seven squares so even if I make it with just 42 squares that would be a nice size - though 7x7 seems really cozy and the yarn is soooooo soft. I don't think I'll run out of yarn for this one and it looks like it will use about 8 -12 skeins.

The last project is also a block afghan using six different colors. It will have 5 strips (I'm almost sure) and that will use another 11 skeins.

How about that, huh? I don't want to pretend there's going to be a yarn void in the Honey household any time soon cuz that would be crazy talk, but progress is a good thing! I can combine some boxes of yarn and have empty boxes that can be thrown away or reused for other stuff!

My heart will always want sable (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) but having the leaner, meaner stash is better for the sake of our sanity.

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