Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Return of the Top Ten

I did not forget the Top Ten. It just seems like I've forgotten the top ten...I did not though. I am listing the top ten finds I've run across trolling on Etsy. And here's a new twist. If anyone on the top ten wishes it, they can have a 4ft free table space at the June19th Craft Cafe. That's a savings of $15. So they can have a 4ft. space for nothing or an 8ft space for just $10!

So, without further ado, here's the Top Ten finds on Etsy this week:

1. Chicago Jewels - Lincoln Park Pretty Botanicals
It's simple and it's pretty.

2.Chicago Vintage - Earrings
I recently met someone who makes jewelry from paper and it was stunning. These are great and I would spend the money for them. I would make sure the weather didn't have a chance of rain!

3.Girl Savage - Bunny Rabbit
You just have to go look for yourself. I swear if she had a unicorn, i'd be tempted.

4. Gloria Lynn Glass - Glass Heart
Love the color! Love the shape! Love the color!

5. Leaves of Glass - Vintage Earrings
These would be an excuse to go shopping as I do already have clothes to go with them but would want something special!

While we have this pause in the action, I want to give a shout to Breezy who is our latest follower: she also follows

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Check out what she checks out and we might all learn something..let's do the last 5

6. Creative Apples - Unicorn Card
Speaking of unicorns....

7.Substance Designs - Filigree Earrings

8.Hier apparel - Obi Sling Bag
And the only questions the veterans are asking is why it took so long for a bag to show up on the list.

9. Camille Star - Colorblock bag
..and now that she's started will she stop? This bag is smoking!!

10. Nac Jac Studio - Azalea
And the answer is yes, so you can look at this gorgeous photo!

There you have it. Did you miss it? I enjoyed going through and finding things. The talent never ceases to amaze me and it's always fun finding people, places and things so close to me. I feel great that so many talented folks are within reach. I hope to see them out and about (and maybe even a few of them at the Craft Cafe!!)


Breezy said...

Holla! Thanks for the shout-out!

ennadoolf said...

great choices! ♥

Beverly said...

Sure Breezy! Have to give a shout out to the faithful!!

Ennadoolf, it was fun getting back to it! Man, you gotta love the talent!

substance designs said...

Thanks, Beverly!! I love your list and am so honored to have made the top ten!!

The link for the filigree earrings is:

substance designs said...

Where can I find more info on the Craft Cafe? Sounds exciting!


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