Saturday, May 22, 2010

The New Normal

Susie wants to know if she can borrow Mr. Honey to clean out her car. Well, you can. In fact, I have offered Mr. Honey out to my female friends for all sorts of tasks around the house. So far, he has only done a few of those things I've listed in the Mr. Honey brochure. He's helped Lois with her toilet. He helped Gayle with some problem or another. He hasn't taken any of the stud jobs my friends have asked about. I can certainly ask if he would like to travel to New York for the purpose of cleaning out a car. We will be in the east next week. We'll see.

I've decided i need to go 'back to work.' I don't mean return to corporate America - that's just crazy talk. I mean I have to go
back to that eight hour work day. It makes sense given all that I have to do to make these little ventures profitable. I can't really play at working - I have to work at working. So the last few days I've been doing that eight hour thing.

believe I actually used to do this every day. Get up go to an office and work for three hours, take a fifteen minute break, work another hour, take an hour lunch work two hours, take another fifteen minute break and work two hours. Who thought of this torture? I used to do this and there were days I remember I enjoyed it!

Perhaps because when I worked for someone else, my tasks were set out for me and I have to follow t
he formula. Now that I am the one who is trying to drive the bus, I determine stuff and it gets me a little flux sometimes.

They don't really tell you this part in entrepreneur school - well, maybe they do but since I haven't gone to entrepreneur school, I wouldn't have gotten the lesson.
Don't get me wrong - love that I'm taking this shot, but I have been too long spoiled and bringing myself back to this is a bit hard. The key to free time is planning the not so free time well. Establishing oneself takes a great deal of time and commitment and the truth is: I'm a little scared. I believe I have created a step to take in the right direction to getting a crowd to the next sale and I'm a little afraid to try it. I am excited about it - but frightened. Oh, I'm going to do it. But I don't understand why it makes me nervous that it just might work.

If somebody can explain the fear of success, please do so. I believe that's what I'm dealing with. In the meantime, I have hours of work to do and then I have to write my sermon because I'm preaching tomorrow on Psalms 104:24-34 and it's all in my head but I need to get it down on paper.

I'm extremely grateful for the life I have - I just wish I treated it better.

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Eryka Jackson said...

Good for you Bev! we are all scared to strike out on our own, but I think you will succeed!


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