Monday, August 30, 2010


There's no easy way for me to approach the subject. Some things are just better said out loud and then dealt with....

I am cheating on the Nanny square afghan....


I know; I'm Tiger, I'm Bill, I'm the Governor of South Carolina.
I don't know what it is. The NSQ has been faithful. It waits for me to return from wherever I've gone be it the store or the bathroom. It is beautiful and looks well tended. I have no idea why I feel the need to step out for a younger, newer project. But that's just what I did two days ago and I haven't returned.

I was just sitting there working on it when I saw a book and I started looking through it. That alone wasn't enough to tempt me away from my beloved but one of the patterns in the book reminded me an afghan sitting on Mr. Honey's chair and this afghan was made by his mother and I had the urge to make my own version of her afghan that would use some of the technique in the book pattern and some technique I could glean from the afghan.

I could have just made notes and continued with being faithful to the one who had been with me for some time and I don't know how to explain my need to stray but I found myself pulling out the coffee colored yarn to use as the coordinating color and various other yarns to use in the middle - because though I am an unfaithful stitch, I still have to bust the stash.

The new afghan calls for 80 squares. I have already made 30 of them since Saturday - I suppose I could take comfort in knowing I won't leave my afghan for very long. At this pace the rest of the squares should be done in less than a week. Of course, if another floozy afghan wiggles its fibers under my nose, I could be lost.

As I look over my shoulder, I see the NSQ looking at me and I feel for it. I know I shall return and I shall ask for and hopefully be granted forgiveness.

I don't know why I do it. If it continues, I will have to check into fiber rehab and sit in a room and contemplate what I have done.

At least it won't cost me $100 million.

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