Monday, August 16, 2010

Stitch And Pitch - White Sox vs The Twins

So let me start by saying I will probably do another Stitch and Pitch. I am also going to try and do a group knitting outing at Wrigley whether associated with Stitch and Pitch or not.

I admit to having a good time but that was because I was surrounded by people who's company I enjoyed. We met Adriana for the first time that evening. She's a crafty one with knitting and sewing and she and her husband were fun to talk to.

We got our tickets from Loopy Yarns and they cost $25 each (the face value of the ticket was $39) and we were out in the outfield. With the cost came a small knitting project
bag (looks like one of those small gardening bags) and a stitch marker. Eight folks from my group came: six knitters and two significant others.) Marion brought a friend and then there's the wonderful Melissa and April. So, while I had fun with them. I don't know what I think about U.S. Cellular Field.
I like the plaza both inside and outside and I like how they have their concessions all in one place but the park itself seems a little cold. In truth, this is not because I love Wrigley. Wrigley isn't even my favorite park - The Great American Ballpark is my favorite park on the outside and Miller Park is my favorite overall park.
The Cell is the first park I've been in that I didn't fall in love with in some way. It didn't move me. Which disappoints me.

But I did a lot of walking which was good for me and a good boost to my eating better - blood sugar is back to normal and I do feel a great deal better. I have continued eating the way I should so that part is going well. I'm working out more consistently as well. The troubles of the past couple of weeks seems to have gone away.

Last Friday was the start of the first annual Yarn Crawl. Fifteen LYS in the Chicago area are offering a 10% discount, free patterns and fun for ten days. There's a chance for a huge knitting related prize worth of $700 and each store is offering their own raffle. We've done four of the fifteen over the weekend and I can probably get to a few more before it's over. What was a great thing was two of the stores, Loopy and Mosaic put out tons of their patterns and just gave them away. I walked out of Mosaic with about five free patterns and over 100 from Loopy.

What's more enjoyable is the camaraderie that happens. Stitchers are just fun folks to be around. A conversation that starts out about knitting can soon turn into about job hunting, raising kids, and in-laws. There's always laughter and always empathy. There are some folks I know I would not choose to hang around with but for the few hours I am going to be with them, I will enjoy what they have to offer because I know it won't be more of a commitment than that.

I don't know who thought of the yarn crawl but it's a great idea. I hope they do it next year and I hope we get more notice than we did. It would have been fun to arrange for a bus to take us around to the different shops. Just take one morning and hit as many as we can with a five hour window. Or any number of arrangements. It was a lot of fun. Next weekend is Stitches Midwest but I don't think I'm going to that. I was never one for convention type things and I won't be able to spend a lot of money on yarn because there's no room for yarn. (Yes, I bought some this weekend but not enough to touch the stash bust!)

Overall, the last week into the weekend was a blast! The best part was making myself feel better by eating the way I am supposed to and not pressing myself so much that I make myself feel as poorly as I did

The next best thing: spending Sunday with Melissa, April, Marion and Robin. Four different women with four completely different personalities and I get a kick out of all of them. Thanks, Melissa, for introducing me to Cheeseburgers in Paradise, I am going to take Mr. Honey there for dinner. It can be added to our cheap eats list.

I am frogging some of the squares for the next 42 square afghan because they are too wide and I don't want to stretch the others to fit. In doing the frogging, I came up with a new design to the old afghan so I'm thinking this step wasn't so bad.

and the goodness continues!

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