Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I feel a follow up to the spoon issue is almost an essential. At the end of the story, Mr. Honey stood in the kitchen and declared there were teaspoons in the sink. Well, over to the sink I teaspoons.

However, the mystery has been solved.

I found a couple of teaspoons in a mug that he has on our lazy Susan and...sigh...I found a couple of them on my craft table. Now, he insists that what he found were teaspoons - they were not - but I cannot i
n all honesty ignore my role in the missing teaspoons. So, while he is still a man - he may not be one of those men. We can move on.

I was making a square for the 42 square afghan and I kept messing it up. The 3 strike rule applies to squares as it does to any knitting project but not being able to get this simple 4 row
lace pattern was enough to make me want to put away the 42 square afghan. I could not do this so I allowed myself a one day diversion. And I leafed through the book I bought on the next to the last day of the yarn crawl.

Family Circle Easy Accessories (I got it for 50% off) is full of really nice projects that are - as they say - easy. At least at first glance. I stopped at the first project which is a poncho made up of - squares - surprise!!

I pulled out the Feza Opera that I have in six different colors (seven, really, but only need six for the project) and made the squares. I like them. They are big and cushy and I can't wait to block them to be a little bigger than the 12x12 they are and make them into the poncho. I finished the last square last night and that got me over the hump with the 42 S.A. I put together the second strip for that and got started on the last squares I will need.

I will get to the poncho in short order because I think I am entering a poncho phase. I will say the only flaw in the pattern is that it doesn't give instruction on how to put the poncho together. It tells you to make two strips of three squares each and then to look at the photo but there's no photo of the back of the poncho to show how it all connects together. A beginner is going to get lost - I'm not a beginner and I had to pull out old patterns to make sure. Bad editing - especially for a book that says it's for the beginner.

I'm going back to the 42 S.A. I would like to have a bunch of the squares to take with me to knit night tonight. The next major project will be another granny square afghan in gold, brown and white. It's a frogging of the biased afghan I was doing. That one didn't thrill me after all so it's going to be transformed. Better that than just sitting there.

Such is the life of a knitter.

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