Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Business of Business

I am busy posting items I've made. When I get down to the real business of doing business, there's a lot that goes into it. After the photographs are taken, they have to be downloaded to the computer and then they have to go through whatever retouches need to be done. (I use Picasa because it's quick, easy, organized and free!)

Then it goes to the Etsy shop, the website, my notebook and the inventory sheet and most of the time, it comes here to the blog. And let's not mention how it has to go on Facebook and Twitter! Right now, I am looking at a zippered bag holding two afghans, a pillow and four prayer shawls. They each are involved in one stage or another of the posting process. The business of business takes a lot of time. I could, of course, not do it. I don't have to be a professional knitter. I spend a lot of time being a professional writer. I could spend more time doing that.

No, really, I can't.

There's something about being able to create things with two sticks and a string that I find appealing, challenging even fulfilling. And this part where I share it in service as well as commerce seems a natural extension of the gift. So the business of business has to go on. MY natural laziness wants to pull me from it but the greater good must win out. And it does....most of the time.

I actually enjoy each piece of the process. Each one holds a challenge from framing the photograph to writing the copy for all the sites. It's a great gig combining all the stuff I like to do in a way that earns me just a little more yarn money.

This weekend is the yarn sidewalk sale at Mosaic Yarn Studio. I like hanging out there to begin with and now they are having a yarn sale. It's also Stitches Midwest but I will be sitting that one out. As I've said before, conventions aren't my thing. The yarn crawl also continues through the weekend so fiber is king here in the Chicago area. All that going on and my heart is broken because the Cubs traded Derrick Lee. Now I will actually go to the game for the sport instead of just watching the first baseman. Maybe some knit/crochet will soothe me.


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