Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Little Things

I've been watching the coverage of the mosque in New York and the rhetoric that's been flowing. I cannot believe that we choose not to be better people.

But that's another post I'm working on...for now, we can have better
living through knitting.
The 42 square afghan is evolving into something completely my own...don't drop from the surprise. I had nine squares but decided they weren't coming out the right size and I didn't want to do make them work so I frogged them and started new squares. I already have seven of them and the makings of a nanny square afghan. A little different than a granny square afghan but incorporating both knit squares and granny squares. I'm liking the nanny square name, too.

In the midst of everything that goes on - even those things which threaten to destroy our spirits and mar our souls - the creative spirit can bring us back. Maybe everyone in the world should be required to knit, crochet, paint or sing - something that brings body, soul and spirit back to the center of our being. Maybe we can breathe cleanly and behave better.

I know I don't want to kill anybody after a great time spent with the needles, hooks and yarn. Could be why I do is so much. Nah, I really enjoy it. I'm really enjoying creating this new afghan. I am choosing the stitches going into the squares and having a great deal of fun. It's knitting up pretty fast and easy and I anticipate having it done in just a matter of days - which is a good thing cause I need product for these shows coming up.

We haven't been invited yet to the holiday shop showcase. We were the top sellers for the past three years and I don't want to assume that means we will be invited back but I am going to drop the hint to the show's organizer so that if we are coming back, I can begin to prep folks (and me) so we have the proper organization and know who will be doing what.

I picked up a wonderful book of Knitted Prayer Shawls at Mosaic over the weekend. There's about twenty designs and only two I would not make. They are all knit and it was less than $10 and I got a discount!! Great book. Great price. Great find. I won't be able to get to it for a while but it will so be worth the wait.

It's time for me to go to work. I have to photograph some things for the shop and the show and I have some more writing in the novel to do.

I am striving to keep a constant prayer for our country and for all the people of the world. I have every belief in a life hereafter but I'm so anxious for us to kill ourselves to get there.

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