Friday, August 20, 2010

The Missing Spoons

The teaspoons are gone. I wanted a bowl of cereal this morning and I don't like the tablespoons. Never have. I think they're too big and I like eating stuff with teaspoons. So I open up the silverware drawer and there are just three serving spoons. I look in the dishwasher. No teaspoons. I look in the sink. I find one. Just one. I go to the drawer that has the other silverware and I find butter knives, forks, tablespoons. But no other teaspoons.

This has Mr. Honey all over it though I can't explain why. I wash the one teaspoon and eat breakfast and I wash it again (along with the bowl and a couple of dishes) and I say to myself: "I'm going to ask him about it and he's going to find teaspoons even though I've looked for them."

When Mr. Honey arrived home, I asked where the teaspoons were and he said, "I don't know." and then two minutes later, "Here are four in the sink."


The 42 square nanny square afghan is coming along very well. Five squares were blocked yesterday and another five are on the boards now and there are five more waiting. 27 more to go and we've got ourselves a beautiful afghan.

Friday is here already and I intended to go to the sidewalk sale at Mosaic, but frankly, I slept a little late and forgot all about it. Oops. It's not like I'm going to spend a lot of money (or any) anyway because I am in afghan mode and I am surrounded by fiber already. I would have no idea of what to do with whatever I purchase. So really..why go. I think i will go anyway just so I can have the experience of it. Still can't make myself go to Stitches so I will have to rely on the fabulous Melissa and Marion to tell me about it. Marion is taking classes so she should also have visuals for her show and tell.

I'm going to pull out the free patterns I scored last weekend and take a look at what's there. I know I have some garments and I will take a look at them with the mindset that I might actually make a garment one day. I'm not thinking of getting into sweaters or anything, I'm thinking ponchos. My mother-in-law gave me a poncho several years back and it was hand knit by one of her friends and I love it. Ponchos would be fun to make....

It's time for me to eat (every three hours.) Think I'll have some more cereal. I can go take a look at these teaspoons that showed up in the sink I've already looked in. Don't ask me why he would do something with teaspoons. But he's a guy so the reason doesn't have to make sense.


Two Happy Stampers said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. There is a lot that goes into selling, isn't there? Pictures, retouching, etc., etc.! Your knitted items are beautiful, love your choice of colors!

Two Happy Stampers said...

The spoon story is too funny! It's a mystery... ;-) I would like to learn to knit someday. Don't know if it will ever happen, but you never know! =)


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