Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Art of Forgiveness

They say forgiveness is not for the person whom forgiveness is asked. Rather, it is for the person who asks it. The asking shows there was a breach in the trust wall that needs to be shored up again. Asking shows an understanding that there was someone or something in the world other than oneself and an acknowledgment that their space in the world was invaded.

Whether or not they offer the forgiveness is somewhat secondary and completely up to them. But the ask creates the option.

The NSA has forgiven me and is happily sitting on the love seat in full few of the 4th strip that is being made and added on. It never really left me - after all, it's an afghan. I left it and it's just happy that I am back.

Tomorrow starts September. September already. This year is winding down fast. in twelve short weeks, we will be saying good-bye to Thanksgiving and hello to the Christmas season. I know you don't want to think about it but there's no avoiding the calendar. It is eight weeks to the craft show over at the high school and I have printed out the application and I need to write the check. Once I send it in, the clock is running on how many new things I can create in that eight weeks. The goal is still to have $900 worth of stuff to sell. There also has to be a good blend of products and enough to make a good presentation without overpowering the table. So much to think about. So little time.

I did a really fun workout this morning. i got it off of Exercise TV. It's Billy Blanks, Jr. and his Burn It Up-Bollywood. It was short and sweet and really got me breathing deeply and sweating. Which I used to love when I was an athlete. I'm still feeling the energy two hours later. That's a great thing. I always forget how I love this feeling. Maybe if I remembered it, I'd keep going for it. Ah well.

I hope you have a great day. I have to clean off the dining room table and get back to the NSA and continue my rehab from fiber addiction!

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Melissa said...

Who are the mysterious "They" everyone always refers to (myself included)? I like the nanny square, so quit cheating on it!!


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