Friday, August 27, 2010

The Standard

I was over on one of Harriet's blogs - Breaking Open the Scriptures and she makes an interesting point about judging. We always say 'don't judge others' but what Christ said was to judge others in the way that you wished to be judged.

So have at it then.

It calls into question more of your own behavior, standards and values than that of the person you're looking at and forming an opinion about. It should, I believe, make you think about exactly what is important to you. It should open up your mind to those things that define and determine who you are.

If I constantly pick at little details about people; aren't I really self-analyzing? If I look at nothing aren't I also ignoring myself?

I don't like being judged. Don't care too much about judging other folks, either. But I am and I do so the best thing, for me, is to make sure those things that are important to me are as right in me as they can be and to recognize that other folks don't have the same measures as I do and to give us each as much of a break as possible.

But by any measure Glenn Beck is a jerk.

There are less than ten squares to go to complete the squares for the Nanny Square afghan. I have started putting together the third strip and plugging away at the rest of the squares. Have a loose goal of having it done before September (already!?) shows up on the calendar. Since that is in four days, I will have to get moving with the needles and the hooks to get the last of the squares done so they can be blocked and put together.

This is the kind of challenge I like - so I can get it over with and move on to something else.
Don't judge.

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Susie said...

Several years ago I made a conscious effort to be less judgmental of others and realize that people behave the way they do for a reason even if it's not the way I behave. Live and let live I say. Oh and Glenn Beck isn't even worth a moment of your time, darling girl.


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