Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comfort and Joy

(A sample from my yarn stash.) When I was speaking with the fabulous Melissa, I said I was up in my office and working on sorting my stash and I said I found it depressing. She asked if that was because I knew I wouldn't use it all.

That wasn't it even though it's true. I will probably not be able to use it all. But when I was thinking about it, I remembered something one of my professors, Donald Fuller, told me. I related to him I wanted to buy this series of books called The Great Books. He said it wasn't that I wanted the books as much as I wanted to be surrounded by the books.

He was right. I love being surrounded by my books. I loved being surrounded by my fiber but when I was sitting in the office - there was no comfort or joy with being surrounded with the fiber I have. There's just so much there. It should be fun to be surrounded by the colors and the softness but it's not.

I took some of the yarn to the knit out over the weekend and there was a donation box where you could take some fiber out and put some fiber in and I put in a small bag full.
I am still doing the skein count down and I am determined not to purchase any more yarn (with the one caveat being I may need filler skeins) until I have breathing room.

Nineteen days until the craft show and I am still adding new items. Yes, I still have thoughts that I won't have enough but it will be what it will be and hopefully it will be enough!

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