Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Are we seriously so out of touch with ourselves that we are going to put into office:
Someone who believes there should be no law against racial discrimination?
Someone who believes that not only should the minimum wage be lowered but abolished?

Someone who believes that women shouldn't serve in the military because they are a distraction to men?
Someone who says to a group of Latino youth: "I'm not sure all of you are Latino. Some of you look Asian."

I don't care what party they belong to; we should not be so shallow in our thinking that we put them in office just because they are Republican or not a Democrat. I very rarely vote a straight ticket so I don't quite get the party loyalty at any cost but what is passing for Republican these days scares me.

We can't blame anyone but ourselves for this. For believing all the hype when a candidate says they can bring about massive change as if there aren't other branches of government which have a say and then turning on them when they don't live up to our unrealistic expectations the minute they step into office.

I was never on the Obama bandwagon. Having done some work on the board of the League of Women Voters of Chicago, the names he had surroundin
g him did not fill me with confidence that Washington would be changed in any great way. I don't drink Kool-Aid; I dye my yarn with it, so I was not swept up in the mania.

Still, I am impressed with how he's kept his cool. And to say he's done nothing would be way off base. He's done a great deal. Finally - healthcare. Had to continue with the bail
out (because my money is in AIG.) I'm not thrilled with his position on Ashcroft. I think he's been too silent on the issue of race which is one of the reason the race baiting has gone on. And there needs to be a better explanation of why jobs are hard to come by and why some of them are not coming back. But he's had to work with a mess he walked into and then with a congress where both Democrats and Republicans have impeded progress. That they do so is not all that surprising.

But even I have been surprised at the hatred from this Congress. I am hard pressed to find a congressman (woman, person) who has not forgotten their job. Their job is to legislate regardless of who is in the White House or who is on the Supreme Court. This plan to just say no makes a mockery of government and a mockery of the citizenship. The hypocrisy is astounding: the stimulus doesn't work - but I want some of the money because it will work in my state. Healthcare should be repealed but send my state some of the money so we can give folks the benefits we'll take away later. The president should work with us but only if we're in the majority so we can overturn anything he wants to do.

This new crop of candidat
es have shaken both parties and now that we are getting a glimpse into just how backwards, out of touch and....well....dumb...they are - we're a little frightened, too. It just goes to show that being a business person - even a millionaire or billionaire - doesn't mean you're made to be a legislator.

This would be funny - if it were a reality show.

The good news is: knitting can
always be relied on. I have finally completed the Feather and Fan scarf: I have no idea why this took almost two weeks to finish. Perhaps because I didn't work on it every day - but still.
I'm loving the Misti Alpaca. It took exactly two balls to finish it and the softness is beyond anything.

Another reason it may have taken so long to finish is because I decided I wanted to crochet another scarf because
I wanted to burn some of the Homespun I had on hand and didn't h
enough to make an
afghan so, it took me about ten hours to make this one: The cool thing about this one is the color blocks on its own and Homespun isn't known to do that but it worked out almost perfectly.

And then one of the kids was adopted by another family. One of the kids, the wonderful Melissa defended in an earlier post
: the nanny square afghan went and got itself sold last Friday and is on its way to New York to its new family.

So, the show is in eleven days - I have only 28 things ready to go and active projects - three of which I think will probably be done in time for the show on the 30th. I don't think that's enough (quit laughing, Melissa) but I am trying not to panic about it. There are still some items up in the office but seriously, I am trying to be cool and not obsessive. It's working. A little.

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