Friday, October 22, 2010

Working Cute..

I made the cutest hat this morning. I would show you but I haven't photographed it yet. It has put me in hat making mood so I am going to make another one. I also put an afghan on the needles and it is going to be a time and stash buster. It recalls doing the loop stitch and it's done over 140 some stitches. I know I get bored easily so it needs to find a way to make itself interesting to me and not just tedious. I am thinking of how it's going to look when it's all done with the loopy yarn and the straight stockinette in between loopy sections. That helps. It also helps it should kill a good ten skeins of yarn.

on the other hand the hat is really cute and so is the wrap I finished and photographed
it so you may see it for yourself...It's made with Marble Chunky and its folded in half so there are other options to wear it. The colors are much more stunning than the photo and it feels like a baby's little behind. I have 2 and 1/3 balls left of the marble so I can make something else when I get a mind to.

It's not yet up in the store but it is priced for the show next weekend and the shop when I get around to getting it in. There's a fine line to how often you put something new in the shop. You want to keep it interesting by putting up new things or re-listing others, but you also have to match that with how fast you can make things. I have four things which are ready to go and I am spacing them out so there's no big time gap between listings and something coming off the needles. I have four afghans (two knit, two crochet) on the needles and the hats I am throwing in will all be done before any of them get close to ready and the hats won't take that much time away from them - they are just all very intense.

But that's the fun of what we do - especially when we do it for business reasons. I'm still lucky - it's all mine. No one tells me what to knit (sometimes I don't even tell me what to knit.) I get to manage the entire operation from beginning to end - not that I'm a control freak - but the best feeling is having something of your own to do that you can do with passion. Maybe I will tackle that loop stitch a little more...

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Eryka Jackson said...

that is a truly darling wrap!


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