Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Ladybug on the Window

Our craft makes us philosophical. Well, we probably have to have a bit of that already in us but it brings it out. I was in that kind of a mood a couple of days ago when I went to the grocery store. I was thinking about the political stuff but mostly I was thinking about my personal stuff.

Did I make enough for the craft show which is essentially the first show I'm doing alone. Miss April will be with me but she won't have nearly the number of FO's I will have. Currently I am at about 33 items which I think is way low but I am also of the mind that first and foremost my craft helps my spirit so I cannot get myself over excited about the stock. I will have what I will have.

I was thinking about all of this when I returned to my car after grocery shopping and noticed a ladybug on the windshield. Normally when a bug finds itself there I turn on the wipers and move it out of the wa
y. But it's a ladybug and they are cute. So, I let it stay there and started the car.

It soon disappeared from my view and I thought it jumped, hopped or did whatever ladybugs do to get off my car. I pulled up in front of my house (a few miles away) and as I stopped the car, there was the ladybug moving back down the windshield.

Oh no! I had taken the ladybug miles away from where it was. What if it was just taking a respite on my car as it trav
eled with other ladybugs (manbugs?) What if it's children were back there at the store? It would have been better to wipe it away - as long as I didn't kill or maim it. At the least, it still would have been with the friends and family I imagined were there at the store waiting for it.

I had taken it to an entirely new destiny just by moving it a few miles away. This bothered me for a good hour as I fretted over how I just changed this bug's life. Why I didn't think I improved the quality of life escapes me. I was certain I had somehow done harm.

I wish it luck - the ladybug on the window.

Here are the hats I made: I made two others but did not like them. I
am currently working on a scarf and I will do a hat that goes with it - but it may not be this hat. Then again, I can make two different kinds of hats out of the same color fiber - we knitters get to do that sort of thing.

Tonight at the meetup, we had quite the crowd! Marion came with her daughter and Robin, we met Leah, Anne and Johann came with his mommy and there were lots of others!! Today has been a good day.

I will make one final push to get things ready for the craft show - I have to price Vicki's items and get everything ready. I will give in to a little nervousness because I'm human. But I am hoping for a very good showing on Saturday. Wish me luck!

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