Monday, October 4, 2010


I don't have a photo of Ed and Lori or Rocco and Kathleen but the six of us were together over the weekend. Rocco and Kathleen live next door to us (in the house Mr. Honey grew up in) and Lori and Ed live next to Rocco and Kathleen. The six of us were together because Rocco and Kathleen were married on Saturday and the four us were fortunate enough to be invited to the nuptials.

First, they h
ad a Ukrainian wedding - (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding almost) and we had to stand the whole two hours for the wedding ceremony. There are parts to the service. First the betrothal, then the vows, then the crossing of hands, then the crowning, then the walk, then the blessing and I'm sure I'm leaving something out. But it was a beautiful service. I have to confess that somewhere in hour two I said to God, I bet they're still legally married if I sit for a second. Sure enough they are.

And then the party.

I don't know what it was - m
aybe because it wasn't family - but we got on the dance floor. Mr. Honey says he has no rhythm but I made him go out for one dance - The Electric Slide - and I am here to say that Mr. Honey give credence to the stereotype about white men dancing. He truly has no rhythm but he has a lot of heart and he tried his best.

I also drank more that evening that I will do in the next year to come. Mr. H. said I was buzzed and we stayed later than we usually do at these things. I think it wasn't so much that it wasn't family but the crowd itse
lf was older and so we were a bunch of old people out on the dance floor. No young folk to show us up. There were no children at the reception. There were some younger folks but no little kids that I could see. We sat at the same table and had a great time with the other five folks at our table (yes, it sat nine) who were friends of the bride's family.
I don't know if this contributed to my drinking more than usual but while I would not say I was drunk - I had all my wits about me - the next day I felt like I was hit by something on wheels.

On the heels of havin
g cocktails at dinner on Thursday and Friday, the whole weekend was a lost weekend - but really fun. In the end, it was a great day and we wish Rocco and Kath the very best of God's blessings and to stand on the faith of the Lord as they continue through life together. And we are grateful that we have friends for neighbors and neighbors for friends.

On the other hand, I am knitting a scarf. I tried doing the afghan and it was giving me fits because the flowers are coming out crappy and I had to rework them so I need something I can conquer before I go back there...but I will go back there. In the mean time I
am working on this: I am using the Misti Alpaca for it and since I spent some $17.50 a ball for it, I should either use it or invest it so this would seem to be a nice lacy project for it and since the suggested needle size for the fiber are size 7 needles and the project (from here) says it also should be made on size 7 needles, I'm thinking this is a good thing. I'm using hand painted color - can I just say I am not a fan of 'colorway' I have no idea why we need it. Anyhow, it's in shades of green. Despite the smallish needle size and the not quite worsted weight, this should be a relatively quick knit and I am looking forward to seeing the scarf fall off from the needles.
In the interest of full disclosure, I should also say I have started another granny square afghan (I was daydreaming of crocheting granny squares in black, grey and white so that's what I'm doing. What? I'm following the dream.) It requires 80 squares and I already have 30 done. I swear, I will get back to the other afghan and yes, I am using the yarn I was supposed to use for that one but it will all work itself out.

Have faith.

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