Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I thought I would drop over to my pal, Susie's blog to see what she was up to and she's on a sock run. Looking in her blog list, I picked a new blog to go read and clicked on Thru the Back Loop. The blog belongs to Allyson who is also on a sock run - it appears October is Socktoberfest. And who was the person that turned Allyson on to Socktoberfest...Susie...the sock pusher.

I can ima
gine how it went. Allyson, all innocent and non-sock obsessed, was going her merry way when she passed by the alley and heard: "Pssst, pssst, hey, you there...wanna knit a sock? C'mon feel my fiber." Just kidding, Sus; you know I love ya baby!

Many have tried to explain to me the lure of sock knitting and how one can become filled with the drunkenness of knitting them. But I cannot drink the Kool-Aid. I just don't get it. Other than learning Kitchener stitch, I can't find much need to even look at a sock pattern. Now, having said that, when Loopy Yarns was giving away patterns during the yarn crawl, I took scored obtained a couple of sock patterns because they were slouch socks and I love slouch socks and cannot find them ready made too easily anymore. So, if th
e urge hits me and I need to feel some slouch socks on the feet, I can make them. And I can make them out of a little thicker yarn than sock yarn. So, while I haven't completely ruled out the possibility of making socks, it's no where near a top priority and after having made socks before, I don't get the allure of them.

In other news, I was at Mosaic Yarn studio and fell in love with a poncho pattern I saw in a book on how to use your stash. That poncho has been calling my name for the past few weeks so I went back and got the book (50% off) and I am going to use my stash to make it. It's the poncho on the cover. I don't know why, but it wants me to make it and I think I must comply.
It will definitely use a lot of my stash as I can make it in a variety of colors using different weights of yarn. I'm looking forward to it.

I repeat that I have not forgotten about the ugly afghan I said I was going to crochet and it is actually waiting for me to get back to it. I have worked out, in theory, the part that is giving me trouble and if it works, the outcome won't look much like the picture but that's OK cuz the picture is ugly. I am not going to sabotage my own goal. That would be crazy. Besides, I still have a swatch of it that I started and I love the colors together so working out how to make the center pretty will ultimately get me something lovely. And who doesn't need something lovely?

In the meantime, I have the latest granny square afghan (which once I complete, I will go on to the ugly beautiful afghan) and the lace scarf made with the Misti Alpaca. It's 25 days before the Guerin Prep show and I still have lots to do in order to feel secure in what I have to offer. Maybe someone will have socks. Someone. Not me.

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