Monday, October 11, 2010

I'll Try Something New

I spent the weekend with the fabulous Melissa and the wonderful April - though not at the same time. StitchCraft met on Friday and April was there along with the terrific Vicki and Debbie and Nicki (a twelve year old who sat and read and wasn't at all interested in the knitting. But can't fault a girl who loves her books - and we were in Border's after all.)

April asked if I was going to the knit out that would be happening the next day at the Oak Park Women's Exchange. I didn't know there was a knit out so the next morning, I joined her there. It was a small group but we spent three hours knitting to raise awareness for Project Linus. We met Sharon and her daughter Rachel and granddaughter (I don't know that I learned her name) Mary and Gloria who also came to knit out. It gave me the idea to
team up with Sharon for our Sit and Knit and Pleasant Home next year because Sharon said the blankets produced here stay local and there are other local charities where Project Linus donates. We would be more successful if we partnered up so that sounds like a plan.

Last Sunday Melissa and I decided to go to a LYS closer to her and yesterday we met at
The Woolly Lamb - which oddly enough is very close to my house. Though I missed the turnoff and went well out of my way but the kind folk at the shop told Melissa who then told me how to get back on track. Turns out, it's less than 15 minutes from Casa Honey. (Just what Mr. Honey desires - less than 20 minutes from the house is a Joann, a Micheal's and a LYS.)

There were, what seemed to be, a regular group that meets there because they were all just talking away and knew each others names but they were all very friendly. Melissa and I were in the back room and they told us to join them in the front. They were very friendly with their advice and praise (and let me tell you, there are some expert knitters there.) The store really felt like a big living room (complete with a comfy sofa.)

They were part of the yarn crawl but we really missed that one! The selection is smaller in both brand and quantity than our other haunts but the atmosphere is by far the best and the store front is across from a park and they have benches outside their store so it would be a great place for a knit out as well. Believe it or not, I didn't buy a thing. Melissa and I had a long discussion on why I can't buy any more yarn and then she proceeded to show me some yarn at 30% off. Pusher.

They invited us back and we will go back there because it's so nice and I will certainly tell everyone else about it.

I love the company of women. I especially love the company of April, Melissa and Vicki - guaranteed laughs and good times and tree pals who listen and don't judge. Another perk of knitting groups - you knit hearts as well as fiber.

Fun weekend.Thanks, girls!

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