Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

Anniversary week continues! Mr. Honey and I went out last night for our anniversary dinner after coming back Monday night from our anniversary trip and since tonight is our regular date night, we are going out again! He has renewed my marriage contract for one year (I usually ask for and get a two year extension. This year I went for the one year which means he is locked in until 2027) and I renewed his contract so he is locked in until 2012.

In our travels in Phoenix, we drove past a craft sale (outdoors of course) we didn't stop but it made me think of looking to see what handcrafters in Phoenix are making!

Mojito Soap by Wild Herb - I actually saw this display as I was driving past the craft show! Looks even better up close!

Pocket Watch by The Enchanted Locket - This is unusual and lovely and the rest of their products are interesting and eye catching.

Salt and Pepper Cactus by Dark Horse - I had to select one thing for the list but they have some really cute stuff!

Classic Casual Hat by Buygail - Royal Wedding anyone? Had to better than the one Beatrice wore!

Cut Wood Earrings by Water Horse - These are so lovely and I can't believe they're wood!

So, I logged on to my sister's computer and I saw an order for a Glee hat but the buyer wanted a 'deep scarlet' read cranberry color and
she wanted the flower smaller, so Monday night when we got back I put it on the needles and by 3 in the morning, it was done! This is a really good color for this hat and I didn't think there was such a thing as a really good color for anything - some things don't look good in certain colors. I think this is easily the best one I've made! Nice to have some work waiting for me when I got home!

Teddy Bear Beanie by Polkadotposh - one of those things that make you go 'humph.'

Blue Cameo earrings by Lilajo - These are unusual. Wonder how heavy they are.

Pineapple Shawl by crochetgal Forgot crochetgal lived in the area. If I'd remembered I would have contacted her for a recommendation for a LYS. As it was, I went to two - one was out of business and the other I put a dent in Mr. Honey's credit card.

Pendant by germandicollection - I love this piece because it dresses up and down and still holds it own.

Proud Peacock by Bellina Creations - This is worth a trip back. How lovely is this?

I am still recovering from the trip. I am falling asleep at the laptop! But still I am astounded by the talent. I wished I had stopped to view the crafts and if I wasn't meeting my family for the plans we had for the day, I would have. But the great thing is I am certain there will be other shows.

In the meantime, I am grateful to be back home and grateful and thankful that my family is well and we had this time together. It's been years since we've all been together and I know Mom and Dad were glad to see it!

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