Monday, May 16, 2011

Ball Parks and other things

I did not take pictures at the Sit and Knit. I do not know what I was thinking because there were about two dozen women inside of Pleasant Home - the weather was yucky so we couldn't even be on the veranda - and we were all knitting chemo caps. We ended with about 26 of them and because I am a little obsessive, I will make four more and make a nice round 30 to be distributed to wherever the wonderful Vickie, whose idea it was to make chemo caps, would like them to go.

But I did not take a photo. I did, however, take a photo of Chase Field when we were in Phoenix.

To recap, we have this idea to go to a Cubs game in a new park until we
've hit all the National League Parks. We are not obsessive about this so we don't have to do it all in one season - though last year we did sit next to this couple who were visiting all the ballparks - American and National League - in one summer. They were young. We are not. I don't think we were ever that young. That is a couple that loves baseball and ballparks. We are a couple that loves the Cubs. Room for us all.
So far, we have been to Miller Park in Milwaukee, The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati - before you get your nose twisted because you think they've named their park the only one with any patriotism you should know Great American is an insurance company, so it is the company that has the patriotism jones not the ballpark. PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Wrigley Field in Chicago and now Chase Field in Phoenix which stands on the ground where my parents' church once stood. The church is now down the street.

When Wrigley Field is your hometown ballpark it really isn't fair to compare other parks. There is a feel to Wrigley that has yet to be duplicated. A lot of that is because Wrigley, Fenway and the late, great Camden Yards, are the granddaddy parks. Wrigley is the second oldest park in the bigs. There is something about that park.

The other parks are more modern and more techy and that's not always a bad thing. I really love the inside of Miller Park. I love the outside of Great American ballpark, they have the best plaza. (and cheap parking.)The view from PNC is amazing because they have the bridges and it is literally downtown and they have some friendly staff folk. I haven't discovered what I love about Chase. My brother works there but that's not really about the park.

On the knitting side of the house, I am almost done with this. Mine is in lime green and made from Lily Sugar and Cream. I, of course, tinkered with the pattern because seed stitch drives me nuts unless it's for an edging and I don't have to do more than ten stitches of it. I once made an entire top of seed stitch and I wanted to hurt the pattern maker and the person who would eventually wear the top. Since no one purchased the top my frustration has not been appeased.

After the bag is done - which requires a trip to Joann for some D rings - I will start on the newsboy cap from here. The cap I made for the Sit and Knit was from this book. The beret was listed to take an hour to make. That was about right and I was talking to folks the whole time.

I am up early - I went to bed before midnight last night - and decided the way to have the quiet and house to myself was to be up before Mr. Honey. I took a walk, albeit ten minutes, and then sat right down at my laptop, even the dog is still asleep. It's a really nice start to the day. This and some knit/crochet - what could be better?

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