Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

Let's just jump right into it, shall we?

Butterfly Bib by Lovisetto - Leaves me speechless.
Love Mug by claylicious - I loves me the handmade ceramics and this little cutie would make a great knickknack!
Sea Shell Poncho by Benivision New shop on Etsy with lovely knitted items. Go and be inspired!
Necklace by Classic Keepsakes - love that color. It would be brilliant against either a black or white shirt.
Love you, Dad Rock by sjengraving - Dads need love to and this rock would be a great reminder for everyone.

Here is my anniversary gift - 20 skeins of Universal Yarn. There are two different types with two colors each - I hate the word 'colorways'. I have no idea who thought that up but it seems a little pretentious to me. I've tried it - I may have even written it and I can't stand it. I've heard people say it and I cringe. Color. Nice, solid good word that has been good enough for centuries.

I don't know if I told you that Mr. Honey transported the cache back from Phoenix in his suitcase, sacrificing the pillow he brought with him, to do so. Yes, he is a darling man and really should not love me as much as he does.

But he does. So better for me!!

Soap Pouch by Mountain Girl Soap - Simple, clean. Just like I like it!
Leather Earrings by katrinshine - So, who really thought we would make it through a list without a pair of earrings in it?....
Italian Tote by Chic Leather....or a tote bag?
Queen Bee by Classic Keepsakes - OK, is anyone else creeped out or is it just me?
Popcorn Scarf by Beemaya - Fun with fiber! I have some of this kind of yarn and haven't done a thing with it yet - but the time may come!!

So, that's the list for this week. I have completed a crochet newsboy cap and a market bag and I am about to do the hat in another color. I've put a poncho up in the shop. I need to get more items in there. I hate to say it, but you know what is almost six months away - time to start looking at the gift knitting!! Just saying.

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