Monday, May 9, 2011

Under Control

I broke my resolution. I purchased yarn. I cannot blame the fabulous Melissa - though she was with me - she actually tried to stop me. She didn't try very hard but she did try. Even the store owner tried to stop me.

I purchased seven skeins of 100% merino yarn in a lovely shade of blue originally priced at $16 per skein and on sale for 50% off.

I am flawed. And happy.
But I have to say I am happy and I am also feeling guilty. I no longer carry my credit cards because it is just too tempting. I need to stop myself before I get too far out of control. This is a real fear.

This is the lace crochet slouch and it is off to a new home in Portland, Oregon. I am
thrilled to have another sale. I was lamenting with Melissa on how i can increase my sales. She gave me some really good suggestions and Mr. Honey gave me some of the same suggestions so I should probably listen to them.

I am going to take pics of the projects I have on the needles. Well, one of them because it's a scarf made of Cascade Magnum and it's an awesome pattern. The other two are stash busting afghans and it's all squares and that's kinda boring but the one with the Cascade is really has an impact.
So I am off to prepare and ship the cap off to the west. I hope your week is a great one with people to love and work to do!

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