Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This Week's Top Ten List

I will share a strange/funny encounter on the trip at the interim...

Tote by by Bayan Hippo - I love simple and elegant and this is it. I would love using this as a knitting bag. Of course, I love using anything as a knitting bag.

Crochet Necklace by lovely crochet - Believe it or not, the first thing I thought was this would look great with something skimpy like beachwear. Someone tell me i'm not crazy.

Crochet Flowers by Anne Marie Breiblog - These are just so darned cute and cleverly made. They would go great on a knit or crochet tote bag!

Comfort Cat by Marjii - I dare you...I dare you to look at this cat and not smile.

Technical Tote by ribandhull I love this tote bag - such a surprise!

So, one of the funny things that happened coming back home. My bag was going through the screening when the agent stopped it and called over her teammates and they said: "Is that a full tube of toothpaste?" They asked, "Who's bag is this?" and I said it was mine and a guy asked if I had a big toothpaste in the bag. And I said yes, so he pulls it out and I make the comment that it came with me and after a pause he said, "Well, it's not going back." and they pulled it out and he handed it to the woman and believe it or not, they start giving each other high fives and saying, 'Good catch!'

That's not the whole story - but the list must be completed

Dinosaur by sage12888 - the happiest little T-Rex in the world!

Shoulder Bag by arton crafts - Now, come on, I know this list is tote bag heavy but that's never happened before and I'm thrilled with it!

Neck Wrap by tortilla girl - This is some lovely work in a misty, beautiful color!

Scarflette by Kerrera Skye - This is so funky and wonderful especially for teens. I love the button and the way it's worn.

Yarn by Color Shift Yarn - These are some beautiful color progressions! I dye some of my own stuff and this gives me ideas!!

So, to finish the story...they are congratulating themselves on finding toothpaste and I am watching them thinking how they really don't have much to do. One agent takes the tube and throws it away in a waste basket at her feet.

Really? Why on earth would something you remove something as being unsafe and then throw it away right there? I was about to mention that when I decided that was not a good enough reason to be arrested. But isn't that strange?

While you think about that, think about visiting your local shops - chains are great but a local shop needs your love, too. Even if you purchase just ten percent of what you get from local retailers, that's a great boost to the economy and the synergy and karma for everyone!

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