Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Think..Therefore I Have A Headache

The world may be back to normal. I went to bed at one of my normal times and I got out of bed before Mr. Honey. This means he has to make the bed because the rule is the last one out makes the bed. For the past three years, that has been me but now that he is back, it should be him because I am up in the wee hours. Except that's not how it's been working. He's been getting up because he was still in the work habit and for some reason, I've been staying in bed later. But today, I was up and out and he was still in bed. This leads me to believe that Superman is doing that thing he does where he goes into orbit and reverses the turn of the world.

There are some stories from the road - some cute, some not so much and I will be sharing them over some of the time. I downloaded the
photos I took and the first one was this one from the first game we went to on Friday night. Kosuke Fukudome of the Cubs. I did remember to take some photos outside of the stadium to prove which stadium I attended - you know, in case I run for office and have to prove I was there.

Chase Field is the latest in our 'visit every park where the Cubs play' series. It is a little slow going. So far we have Wrigley (which shouldn't even count since it is the home field) Milwaukee - which has the friendliest folks, Cincinnati - which has the best plaza outdoors, Pittsburgh - where the yarn is not taxed. That makes the baseball experience even better and now Chase Field in Phoenix. My brother reminded me that Denver (where he lives) is also a National League Park. Which I needed no reminding of. The way my mind works, I wanted to do the division teams first and then expand and the only reason we did Phoenix was because of the anniversary thing. In truth, on our anniversary the team was in L.A. and we were headed there but decided to spend time la familia.

There are also some new knitting books in the library - did I mention that already? I brought back two from Phoenix and two more made their way home yesterday from Half Price books which was right next door to Tuesday Morning where a friend of mine sent me an email saying they got an alert that Tuesday Morning was having a good yarn sale. I went to check out the yarn sale which was not good. It two shelves with remnants tossed on them. Not that I needed to purchase yarn anyway because I have that resolution thing where I am not purchasing yarn (except for the exceptions to the rule) so I walked out of Tuesday morning fiberless and walked right into the Half Price Books and purchased two books for more than half off. I can put a moratorium on book buying as well since I don't have that many years left on the planet to do all the patterns I want to do and once I leave the planet, I think I will have the capability of knitting whatever I want from memory.

OK, I did kind of break the rules about not purchasing yarn but I did it before I left. And I did come home with 20 skeins of yarn newly purchased in Phoenix - but that wasn't me, that was Mr. Honey - he bought it.

I'm dancing as fast as I can.

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