Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of the Wor....

Damn. Still here. That's good news.

This morning I was at Central United Methodist Church in Skokie where the United Methodist Women and the United Methodist Men of our district had their first collaboration: a seminar and workshop on Domestic Violence that covered hetero couples, same sex couples, teen, date and senior abuse.

My BFF, Billie, was the keynote speaker and is quite qualified to be so and the world being as small as it is, she knows the conference president from the grade school she went to where she did her internship for her Masters.

The conference had some great information; not great as in wonderful, but great as in big: for instance in Chicago, the police get 593 calls reporting domestic violence

a day. Imagine how many more were not reported.

Domestic violence is the number one cause of death of pregnant women. Because someone who doesn't have a conscience to not hit a woman isn't going to gain one because she's carrying his child.

1 in 4 people experience some kind of domestic violence: man, woman, child, teen, senior. If you're sitting in church or if you are at work, if you go to a game and there are at least ten people there, three have been abused. If you're one of them - there's help.

Kids tend to exhibit the behavior of their same sex parent or present adult. The media can't be blamed for all of it. Some kids are watching a reality show called their life and they are acting out at earlier ages.

Because the world didn't end today, I want to make sure everyone knows there is a National Domestic Abuse Hotline and the number is

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