Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving It

To that group out there that's trying to get rid of Ronald McDonald - get a life. Get something that resembles a life. You know what? Get a job while you're at it so you have something to do when you get a life.

Ronald McDonald makes your kid fat? Really? Big Macs don't kill people. People eating a thousand Big Macs kills people. That's probably not even true. The point is t
his: If there were no Ronald McDonald there would still be people eating there and taking their kids. Geez.

In knitting news: This is why we love the wig! I retook photos of the green a
nd red crochet slouch and it look so much better with hair. This isn't to say that bald isn't beautiful because it is - just not on a really white styrofoam head. I think it's a big improvement over the way the pics were done before. It also helps that Mr. Honey built me a stand. (I actually have two) where I can mount the head and turn it around. Just makes everything better.

And while I am in a ranting mood: What's the big deal about Newt Gringrich and how he spends his money? This is one of the stupidest non-issues there can be. If the man makes enough money to cover buying $500K in jewelry, then th
at's what he gets to do. Some opinions are if he has that kind of personal debt how can he handle the country's money? That's an apple and orange comparison - not even - it's like comparing apples to horses.

First, president doesn't sign a check or open an account and has levels of different folk to go through.

Two, one is personal and one is business. I have had oversight of budgets and did control where money went and how it was spent and I was always under budget - can't clai
m that in my personal life. The difference is one set of money is mine to do as I liked and the other was entrusted to me. I can spend my own money in any way I want within the limits of the law. So can Gringrich.

Three: He paid it off. He got an offer to have an interest free account for a year and took full advantage of it and paid it off before the interest was due to hit. I have the same deal going with one of my creditors. If I want to use it buying bubble gum, I get to do that and as long as I don't default, you don't get to say anything about it.

I'm pretty sure I'm finished rambling, at least for today, here is the hat that is going to Australia. I did tell you I have a hat headed for Australia, didn't I? I got a special order for a hat and the person who is getting it lives in Australia! Be impressed. Not with me but that it's going to Australia. Wonder how she found me.

Tonight is date night and all I want to do is sleep. No I mean sleep.

The great yarn sort continues but I admit to having stalled it a little. I am sorting between full skeins and partial skeins and I keep running into more yarn. The fabulous Melissa wanted to know what I was going to do with all of it. I don't know. Right now, there is a serious moratorium on fiber purchases and I see a lot of square type afghans in my future.

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